How to turn iPhone into personal wifi hotspot device

02/19/2014by banma

Wifi hotspots are everywhere nowdays. But when you find a hotspot with encryption, or when you are in some remote places without wifi, what can you do to make your mobile devices to share internet over wif? You just need two steps to turn your iPhone into personal wifi hotspot device.
First of all, please make sure your iPhone will have one of the two following options: Cellular or Mobile Data. Click the one your device has and select Set Up Personal Hotspot.
mobile data for iPhone
Step 1: Tap Settings on your iPhone, then General. You should see Personal Hotspot in the list just as the following picture. It looks very similar no matter your iPhone is iOS 4 or iOS 5.
personal hotspot for iphone
Step 2: Click Personal Hotspot and you’ll see a screen as below. Just need to click screen and switch to ON status. After that, type in a network name for the hotspot and configure the Wi-Fi password to avoid other users.
personal hotspot for iphone 2
Now you can use your iPhone as a portable wifi hotspot and connect other devices to it. If you want to know how to turn on wifi for your iPhone, check this link:

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